How does the European Union Trade Mark (EUTM) differ from local trademarks?

Administrative procedures associated with a European Union Trade Mark(EUTM) differ from the setup of local trademarks in both time and efficiency. The submission of a single application for a trademark with one central authority solves many issues because it cost-effectively gives protection for a mark owner in all member countries in the EU. This one administrative step also prevents cancellation of your trademark for non-use in other member nations in the Union if you only focus your business, for example, on one or two countries. The mark application must be acceptable to all member countries or the application for an EUTM rejects its use across all Union members. The owner of the mark, however, can, in some circumstances, apply for their trademark to an individual country.  

The registering authority for the EUTM, the European Union Intellectual Office (EUIPO), formerly known as the Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market, is in Spain.

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