How can I protect my Trademark during the Application Process?

Protect your trademark by hiring our Trademark Watch Service. This service alerts trademark owners of identical or similar trademarks published for review. Watch services give trademark owners enough time to present opposition to the registration of these marks if they wish. We recommend hiring a Trademark Watch Service from the moment you apply for a trademark to prevent the registration of conflicting trademarks at the same time you file your application.

Our Trademark Watch Service includes:

  • Alerting an owner of any identical or similar trademarks published in the class(es) chosen on your application.
  • Our legal counsel analyzes any potentially opposing marks to decide if they are truly conflictive. We do not send you batches of alerts that may not be relevant.
  • We notify you of possible conflicting trademarks and provide an outline of the steps and relevant time frames to oppose the other mark's claim.


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