Why the price of the Comprehensive Trademark Study varies for different trademark types?

The price of a Comprehensive Trademark Study may vary for different trademark types due to the complexity and resources required for each search and analysis.

  • Word Mark: Searching for word marks typically involves querying databases for identical or similar textual elements. While this process can be straightforward, it may still require time and expertise to analyze the results accurately.
  • Figurative Mark: Searching for figurative marks is generally more complex, as it involves comparing graphic elements using advanced image search engines. This process demands more resources and expertise, as the search must account for various design features, patterns, and shapes, increasing the time and effort required for a thorough analysis.
  • Combined Mark: As combined marks include both text and graphic elements, the search process requires a comprehensive analysis of both components. This type of search may be more time-consuming and resource-intensive, as it involves assessing the similarities and differences between text and graphical elements in the database.

Due to these varying levels of complexity and resource requirements, the price of a Comprehensive Trademark Study can differ for each trademark type.

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