What type of trademark is not registrable?

  • marks contrary to moral standards or public order
  • generic terms
  • names, flags or symbols of states, nations, regions or international organizations
  • surnames
  • geographic location names
  • reproductions or imitations of coats of arms
  • acronyms
  • marks that express the usual or generic designation of the product or service
  • figures or three-dimensional shapes capable of deceiving or misleading the public
  • the names of peoples or places known for the manufacture of certain goods
  • names, pseudonyms, signatures and portraits of persons different from the one applying for registration, without the consent of those persons
  • the designs on coins, banknotes, hallmarks denoting control or warranty used by the State, seals, stamps or tax imprints in general
  • marks that include medals, awards, diplomas and other elements that give the impression that recognition has been received for the corresponding goods or services
  • marks that are comparable in orthographic, graphic, phonetic, visual or design terms to another mark
  • marks that are identical or similar to a famous or renowned trademark
  • proper or common geographical denominations, maps, and also nouns and adjectives, including gentilics, where they denote the source of the goods or services
  • marks that consist basically of the Spanish translation of another mark that is already used, known, registered or undergoing registration
  • marks that are total or partial reproductions, imitations, translations or transcriptions of a nationally or internationally known trade name
  • three-dimensional shapes that lack originality
  • animated or changing names, figures or three-dimensional shapes that are expressed by movement
  • any letters, numerals or colours, except where these are combined with elements that give them distinctive character
  • any sign or mark that is used by indigenous or religious communities or associations except where the application is formulated on their behalf
  • marks that use references to national historical monuments


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