What type of trademark is not registrable?

  • marks that are against the moral standards or public order
  • generic words or terms
  • names, flags or symbols of states, nations, or regions or of international organizations
  • non-distinctive marks
  • marks that function principally as:
    • surnames
    • names
    • pseudonyms and their derivatives
    • portraits
  • facsimiles or exact copies of personal nonmaterial rights
  • marks that contain or represent the property of culture and history of the Republic of Kazakhstan without authorization
  • marks that are used primarily as geographic location names
  • marks that are misleading with respect to goods, manufacturer, geographic directions, or origin of place
  • marks that provide a wrong impression that the goods originate from another country
  • marks that contain a wrong geographical indication identifying mineral waters, strong alcoholic drinks or wines
  • marks that are accompanied by expressions such as:
    • 'type'
    • 'in the style of'
    • 'the like'
  • industrial samples protected in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • names of science, arts of literature, known arts and their fragments
  • marks that violate an existing work's copyright rights


Note: Please contact Nominus.com for a more detailed explanation.

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