What type of trademark is not registrable?

The following signs or marks are NOT registerable in Belarus:

  • Marks that are against principles of public morality or policy
  • Marks that use international, regional/state/national name or flag and symbols
  • Marks that do not show distinctiveness
  • Marks that are considered as generic
  • Marks that are primarily used as a surname or family name
  • Marks that are descriptive of the goods/services’ purpose
  • Marks that use universal terms or symbols
  • Marks that resemble or represent the shape of a product
  • Marks that mislead consumers about the product’s origin, nature or producer
  • Marks that mislead consumers about the origin of spirits, liquors or wines
  • Marks that have a strong resemblance to another trademark that may confuse consumers
  • Marks that use protected geographic indications
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