Can a Trademark Application be opposed?

The following can be grounds for opposition:

  • proprietary rights
  • the mark is descriptive
  • the mark is not distinctive
  • the mark is misleading, deceptive or disparaging
  • the mark is functional
  • notorious or well-known mark
  • protection of armorial bearings, flags and other State emblems
  • representation of the proprietor of the mark
  • trade names
  • rights in a personal name
  • the mark is generic
  • the mark consists of a geographical indication
  • the mark is against public policy or principles of morality
  • the mark consists of official signs and imprints of any without approval from competent authority
  • the mark consists of a symbol identical or similar to the Red Crescent or Red Cross
  • the mark consists of the picture or logos of a third party without written approval from such party
  • the mark contains information related to degrees of honor if the registrant cannot prove his legal eligibility therefore
  • the mark is identical with or similar to symbols of a religious character
  • the mark belongs to the natural or legal persons or States
  • marks that the Boycott of Israel Office has decided are similar to an Israeli mark, symbol or emblem
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